Ion's missing group

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Ion's missing group

Quest information
Location The Rig
Given by Ion
Rewards 2000 classic XP / 2 oddity XP
200 Stygian Coin

Ion stands at the bar at The Rig's. The group he dispatched to an old waterway facility to the west didn't come back and he's worried.


  • Ion from The Rig wants you to find out what has happened to the group they've dispatched to explore an abandoned waterway facility, recently opened up after the earthquake. He mentioned that you should sail all the way to the west from The Rig and look for an opening in the southern walls.


It leads to Abandoned Waterway Facility. The group you're looking for is in area Kaya's Hideout. Once you have learned what happened to them, you can go back to Ion for your reward. With 65 effective Persuasion you can convince Kaya to reunite with her brother. By doing so, you will be awarded with 100 more charons and a Sovereign shotgun.