Catch the med thief

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Catch the med thief

Med thief in action.png
Quest information
Location Rail Crossing
Given by Aliza Boudreau
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP

Rail Crossing's doc needs help catching a thief.


  • Someone's been stealing medical supplies from Doctor Boudreau's supply locker. Try to catch the thief in the act


You're probably going to need some Stealth skill and Detection to catch the thief sneaking to the supply locker. For characters with low Stealth and Perception a Bear Trap can also be used, set it just inside the door to the room and wait, eventually Jared will walk into the trap where you can then talk to him.

Simply wait for the thief in Stealth Mode or somewhere out of sight , he'll eventually sneak in if he doesn't see you. Turns out the thief is Jared, who has become addicted to painkillers. Once he's caught red-handed, you can persuade Doc (no skill required) to call Captain Herve and have him arrested, or let Doc help him with his addiction. You can also offer Jared to accept money in exchange for keeping silence. He will pay you thirty charons or fifty charons if you pass the Intimidation skill check (50 effective skill). Even if you accepted the bribe, you can still complete the quest by breaking your promise and tell the Doc about Jared.