Restore Arke powergrid

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Restore Arke powergrid
Unmarked quest (No notes)

Power management console.png
Quest information
Location Arke Power Station
Given by N/A
Rewards Gain access to power distribution
Related quests
Open the gate leading to Tchort

Reaching the Power Management Console of Arke Power Station is necessary to power up other areas in Deep Caverns.




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The power station is under IRIS control. It's full of robots coming straight from automated assembly lines and other surprises such as toxic gas and cryogas in ventilation shafts.

  • Return to the second area, find assembly control room #2 through a door to the south east and descend into the utility section.
    • Find Utility Key, make your way through the spiders and crawlers.
      • If you have high enough perception/snooping, you can find a hidden trapdoor in the toxic storage room leading directly to the storage and skip most of this area. (11 perception required for the trapdoor in the toxic storage, but only 10 for the one in the storage room)
    • Find Utility Storage Keycard and head to the storage in southeast.
    • Grab Utility Keycard from the storage and head up into the main hall via the south western room.
  • In the main hall, head to the stairs in the north east. Find Senad Roberts' Office Keycard on this second floor.
    • You can exit the power station through the main doors at this point.
    • Return to the first area and find Power Control Room Keycard in the station manager's office (north west corner).
    • Head back to the main hall and take the elevator to the power management room.

Power Management console

Due to extensive damage and decades without maintenance, the powerplant produces less 10 MW out of its 300 MW capacity. Some power lines have also been damaged.

There isn't enough power to power up both Caerus Residential Block and Hollow Earth research complex at the same time, but both must be powered and visited at least once. An Electronics check can be made to increase the power output (140 required).

Location Can be
Research Complex Yes Access to laboratories containing Organic Processor and Mutagen Scanner.
Necessary to open the gate leading to Tchort and solve the optional Mutagen Puzzle.
Tithonus Lab No Running on internal backup power generator.
Mutagen Tanks A Yes Must be powered to open the gate leading to Tchort between Mutagen tanks A and B.
Mutagen Tanks B No No power required.
Arke Power Station No Power must be deallocated to disable IRIS defenses and robot manufacturing.
Warehouse Block 1 No No power required.
Warehouse Block 2 Yes Toxic Storage in WB2 contains two Hydraulic Fluid Canisters and a Hydro-Pneumatic Accumulator.
Parts required to repair the gate mechanism.
BCAF - Detachment Hollow Earth No Unknown Biocorp Armed Forces location. Possibly Cytosine Outpost, which has its own power.
Talos Outpost No The Faceless outpost east of warehouse blocks.
Caerus Residential Block Yes Caerus apartments contain Maria Hope's Keycard and many computer logs.
Each time power is allocated to Caerus, a group of coil spiders inside the buildings awaken.
Tartarus Maximum Security Prison No Unknown location.
South Elevator No Faulty powergrid. Must be powered from the Nucleus.

Dealing with IRIS

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Necessary only for acquiring repair bot AI core to repair the gate mechanism. With sufficient skills, the gate can be also repaired without it.

  • Enter the power station core from the first area
    • Note that some of the doors here are roll-up, you must move right up to them to open
    • Find and activate the consoles around the hallways (optionally also shut down 4 recharge pads in the hallways for the upcoming fight)
    • Fight IRIS security, including couple of industrial bots and four shock turrets.
      • The fight can be skipped with high enough persuasion. (110 effective skill required)
    • The AI cores are in the back room, accessible after defeating the bots or persuading IRIS.