Renegade soldiers

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Negotiate with renegades

Dolos Center station renegades.png
Quest information
Location Upper Underrail
Given by Consul Oliver
Rewards 2500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
300 USD from Fraser
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Join the Protectorate

This is a sidequest for protectorate, you can do it immediately after getting into the Fort Apogee or at any point later on.


  • Consul Oliver asked of you to negotiate with a renegade Protectorate squad that left Fort Apogee for unknown reasons. The renegades are being led by Sergeant First Class Timothy Holloway, and are located at Dolos Center station, west Upper Underrail.


No train will take you to Dolos Center station, so you'll have to walk there. It's at the west end of Upper Underrail, on the orange metro line. From the Epione Lab train, travel North once, West three times then South once. Alternatively, you can start at the University train, go West once then North twice.

Negotiate with the renegades. You can persuade (55 effective skill required) or intimidate (75 effective skill required) Holloway into immediately surrendering, however if you are willing to listen to his story, he will reveal why they left Protectorate. If using this knowledge you manage to persuade Colonel Cathcart to investigate Holloway's claims (75 effective skill required), the renegades will peacefully return to Fort Apogee.

  • If you go about slaughtering the Renegades on sight or fail to convince them to surrender, and report back to Counsul Oliver, you will be rewarded with 1 (oddity) EXP.