Jack's delivery job

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Jack's delivery job

Jack Quicksilver in SGS.png
Quest information
Location South Gate Station
GMS warehouse block
Given by Jack Quicksilver
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
100 SGS Credits

No questions. We will not speak of this again until the job is done.

Jack Quicksilver

Jack Quicksilver in the South Gate Station cantina wants you to deliver a package from South Gate Station barracks to GMS warehouses.


  • Retrieve the package from the barracks at SGS station platform near the tunnel and take it to the warehouse south of GMS compound


Talk to Jack Quicksilver in the SGS Cantina to start this quest. You have to say that you know where the GMS Compound is, otherwise he won't give you the quest. If you say you don't know where it is you can talk to him and he asks you again with no consequences. He will give you an SGS Barracks Footlocker Key to retrieve the package.

You will encounter some bandits trying to stop you during this mission. You might want to delay picking up this sidequest at the beginning of the game, since the bandits can be a dangerous combat encounter for a new character. If you don't mind save scumming, simply buy a frag grenade from Lucas and bomb the bandits; even a Mk. 1 grenade will probably kill most of them outright, leaving the survivor slim pickings. Otherwise, try exploring other areas such as the caves below South Gate Station until you're experienced enough to deal with the bandits. Also, your package is actually empty and Jack is simply using you as a decoy to escape from SGS with the real package. But you will still get your promised reward, should you live to deliver the package.

Head to SGS level 1 barracks. You may also ask Essie for directions, but head north. In the next area, there will be SGS barracks next to the station platform. The key you received from Jack unlocks one of the footlockers in the barracks from which can retrieve the Package. Take care that you aren't seen while rummaging around the barracks.

Once you have the package, head north. As soon as you leave the station, you will encounter three bandits bend on taking the package from you. Deal with them and keep moving. Make your way to the GMS warehouse block, which is directly to the west from the intersection after the bandits. Once there, head to the southwesternmost warehouse building and talk to the man there to receive your reward.

If you do not deliver the package to Jack before completing Find the drill parts, Jack will not be in the GMS Compound, even after defeating the bandits outside of South Gate Station. Instead, you can find him in the Merchant's District of Core City, where he will still give you your payment.