Tracker necklace

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Tracker necklace

Necklace fishing spot.png
Quest information
Location Siphoner Pools
Junkyard slums
South Gate Station
Given by Katherine
Rewards 500+500 classic XP / 1 oddity XP
100 SGS Credits(optional)

While fishing for eels around the siphoner pools, you may find a curious Damaged Necklace.


  • Find the source of the signal the strange necklace is tuned to track
  • Talk to Arlene about the strange necklace you found


The necklace can be fished up in southwestern Siphoner Pools. Refer to the mission picture for a good place to set your fishing rod. As the necklace's description suggests, local electronics merchants in Junkyard or South Gate Station can help you find its owner. No other electronic merchants are related to this quest.

Katherine, the electronic merchant in Junkyard, can repair the damaged necklace to a functional Tracker-Emitter Necklace for 15 Charons. Once repaired, you can use it to see if it detects a signal. The signal will be detectable in South Gate Station, so head there. Once you reach SGS and use the necklace, it detects a signal either above or below you, depending on the floor you are on. The signal leads to level 3, to Arlene. Tracking down the signal awards 1 oddity XP.

Alternatively you can take the necklace to Ezra, who happens to be its maker. He will tell you to go find Arlene. Be advised that Ezra route will not award any oddity XP.

You can also ask Arlene for a founder's fee of 100 SGS Credits.