Retrieve Kohlmeier's lucky knife

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Retrieve lucky knife

Entrance to secret passage.png
Quest information
Location Junkyard east residential area, Kohlmeier's ex-house
Junkyard - Secret Passage
Given by Kohlmeier
Rewards 1000 classic XP / 1 oddity XP

A very unlucky fella named Kohlmeier's in the Junkyard slums wants you to get his lucky knife back.


  • Retrieve Kohlmeier's lucky knife from his former house in the east part of the residential area and return it to him in the slums


Get inside Kohlmeier's old house, either via the secret passage Kohlmeier told you about, or you can pick the lock on the front door. Inside you will find a hostile thug. Dispose of him. He has the knife on his person. Like Kohlmeier said, there's also some money in the house - a few hundred Stygian Coins.

As an alternative to returning the knife to Kohlmeier, you could also keep it. Or better yet, pickpocket it from Kohlmeier after returning it to him.