Check on Camp Hathor

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Check on Camp Hathor

Camp Hathor.png
Quest information
Location Camp Hathor
Given by Big Bret
Rewards 100 classic XP / 0 oddity XP
Related quests

Find the drill parts

After you have retrieved the drill parts and go to well-earned rest, you receive mail from Big Bret.


  • Big Bret told you that SGS has lost contact with Camp Hathor after the earthquake, he wants you to go there and see what's happening. It's located in the caves east of SGS.


Camp Hathor is directly east of South Gate Station and Crossroad Watch, just past the battery recycling plant. You'll need a TNT Charge to clear the way.

Once you find the camp, find Edgar and talk to him to find out what the camp's situation is. You'll also notice Captain Coltrane in the docks, and you can access Camp Hathor via boat from now on. Once you've talked to Edgar, head back to Big Bret.