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{{Store inventory
{{Store inventory
| sells =
| sells =
* [[Plasma Micro-discharger]]s
* [[Blueprint: EMP Grenade]]
* [[Blueprint: EMP Grenade]]
* [[Blueprint: EMP Mine]]
* [[Blueprint: EMP Mine]]

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Faction Core City commoners
Role Merchant
Location Core City
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 10
Shop file cc_halim.store

Halim is an electronics merchant in Core City's middle level merchant district.


Halim is one of the few people in Core City who don't care much for the local bloodsports, the Arena and Gauntlet. He is married to Marcella. Halim detests the constant violence that the Arena and Gauntlet brings into the city. He considers the Arena as a way for the Oligarchs to control the citizens by taking the violence in the city and making it into a spectacle, ingraining violence in to the citizens of Core City. Halim does not like Coretech or JKK. He argues that Coretech can use their technology for the general betterment of mankind instead of to create weapons. JKK can use their broadcasting to show death but show something more educational. Halim has sympathies to the Tchortists. He believes that they are the only group capable of leading the residents of Core City away from their love of the Arena, the Gauntlet, and violence in general. Halim also never goes to the Hardcore City Bar.

Halim has a Super Steel bracelet on his arm. It was a gift from his wife, Marcella.

Player interactions

Trader inventory

He sells various electronic equipment and energy weapons.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available