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This page contains content from Underrail: Heavy Duty expansion.
Trip to North Underrail

Trip to North Underrail.png
Quest information
Location Upper Underrail
Given by Buck Nimble
Rewards 250 charons
50 classic XP / 0 oddity XP
Related quests

Investigate the Compound
Power up Marjorie

Buck Nimble is hiring armed guards for a journey to the North Underrail through the Dark Territory.


  • You've been hired by Buck Nimble to help him find the coveted alternate route to North Underrail. Protect the crew and the railcar named Marjorie.


Buck Nimble can be found north of Fort Apogee. There are no requirements to join his crew but it is highly advisable to have high level and be well-prepared for the trip.

After you start your journey through the Dark Territory, you will make a brief stop. Speak with Buck again when you are ready to continue.