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* [[Blueprint: Plasma Mine]]
* [[Blueprint: Plasma Mine]]
* [[AI Scrambler]]
* [[AI Scrambler]]
* [[Plasma Micro-discharger]]s
* [[Energy Edge Emitter]]s
* [[Energy Edge Emitter]]s
* Random [[Blueprints]]
* Random [[Blueprints]]

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Joseph Harlan

Default.png Crtec1 l.png

Harlan model.png

Faction Coretech
Role Quest giver
Location Core City
Loot Coretech Energizing Vest
Coretech Tactical Respirator
Abilities Aimed Shot
Combat Stats
Combat Stats Level: 20
Action Points: 50
Initiative: 17
Shop file cc_coretechQuartermaster.store

Joseph Harlan is the quartermaster of Coretech in Core City. He wields an assault rifle and carries a single flashbang.

Player interactions

If you choose to work for Coretech, you will be working for him before you get to meet the Coretech oligarch Rupert Simmons.


  • Find Raul: Find a missing Coretech agent.
  • Retrieve ICPD: Track down an employee who stole a prototype device.
  • Warehouse: A coretech warehouse is under attack.

Trader inventory

His store becomes available if you work for Coretech. Compared to other faction quartermasters, Coretech offers goods that are more focused on high-tech electronics.

Notable items sold Looking to buy
Cash available
Notable special merchandise (Mercantile: 50, 90)