Jet Eater Lair

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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
Jet Eater Lair

Xpbl dun cvw jetEater.png
Caves information
Music Lifeblood
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Lower Caves
Connections Lower Caves to the south
NPCs Otto if you agreed to met inside
Map file(s) xpbl_dun_cvw_jetEater

The Jet Eater's Lair is a small cave located west of the Core City Docks. Accessible only by Jet Ski


Acrid Den belonging to a Large Sea snake that has been terrorizing jet skiers all over the Underrail. Commoners gossip in Core City will mention a large snake lurking in the Lower Caves waterways if the Jet Eater Hunt quest has been generated in a save file. Otto will be next to Ray' Shop in the Core City Docks and will ask you to meet inside for a dangerous Hunt.

How to get there

It's two areas west of the Core City Docks


Otto wants your help in hunting a dangerous sea snake