Warehouse Block Alpha

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Warehouse Block AlphaUncontrolled zone

Zone information
Music Open Box
Located in Lower Underrail
Areas GMS warehouse block (north)
Lunatic camp (south)
Connections GMS Compound
Lower Underrail
NPCs SGS Soldier, Jack Quicksilver
Map file(s) WarehouseBlockAlpha1

Warehouse Block Alpha is a location in Lower Underrail.


Warehouse Block Alpha consists of two zones near GMS Compound.

The northern zone is the area outside GMS compound. It literally resembles an aboveground warehouse block. Old, abandoned warehouse buildings form the landscape. GMS compound entrance is to the northeast, while exits to Lower Underrail and south part of Warehouse Block Alpha are in east and south respectively. Two packs of rathounds can be seen roaming around, an SGS Soldier is stationed at the GMS compound entrance and Jack Quicksilver can also be met here, in one of the warehouses, during his delivery quest.

In the southern zone, some lunatics are camped at the south end of this warehouse block. The lunatics are a dangerous encounter to a low-level player looking for the way to GMS. The passage to west is initially blocked by rocks, but it can be cleared once the player has access to TNT Charges. It opens up more Lower Underrail tunnels that lead towards Abandoned Warehouse and Rail Crossing.


Warehouse Block Alpha 1 (north)

  • A barrel in the northeast corner of the area contains an Omega ID Card oddity, 1 XP
  • The northwest exit is blocked by an SGS Soldier, but he will let you pass if you're doing the GMS expedition quest
  • The fenced area to the west can be opened with 20 Lockpicking
  • In the fenced area one of the crates requires 25 Hacking
  • The north building requires 35 Lockpicking to open the door. It contains shelves with an Omega ID Card oddity, 1 XP
  • The southwest building is locked and will be open when bringing the Package during the quest Jack's delivery job

Warehouse Block Alpha 2 (south)

  • Two boxes in the house in the NW corner each requires 35 Hacking
  • The door to the NE house requires 35 Hacking
  • Shelves in the fenced area to the SE contain an Old Train Schedule oddity, 1 XP
  • The west exit is initially blocked by rocks



  • Jack Quicksilver asks you to deliver a package into one of the warehouses in the area, south of GMS compound's main entrance.

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