Foundry Prison

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Foundry PrisonUncontrolled zoneSecurity Camera FootageLeave no Witnesses

Fo prison.png
Location information
Music Machinationalized
Located in Foundry
Areas Prison, escape tunnel
Connections Foundry
Lower Underrail
NPCs Delma, Todor
Map file(s) fo_prison

Foundry Prison is a location in Foundry. Its entrance is on the west area of Foundry, right outside George West's electronics shop.


It is a very high-security prison located underneath Foundry. The player is allowed only into the reception lobby and the warden's office. The storeroom, surveillance room, visiting room, and holding cells are all off-limits, and trying to enter them while seen will turn the guards hostile. However under special circumstances it is possible to gain permission to enter the visiting room and the surveillance room from warden Delma Ward.

Unlike most stations in South Underrail, Foundry prides itself on having a sophisticated justice system. Anyone charged with a crime will be given a fair trial, handled by the station's current elected judge. If for some reason the judge is unable to rule in an urgent case, Foundry law allows the current Chief of Foundry Guard to substitute for them. Due to the recent passing of Judge Taylor, for the time being Chief Dalton Banner is in charge of all criminal cases until a new judge is appointed.

All of those sentenced to a prison term are required to perform unpaid community service. As Foundry is primarily a mining community, physically able prisoners are assigned to the mines. Those unfit are given jobs based on their physical condition and abilities.

No one has ever managed to escape from Foundry Prison, albeit there haven't been any attempts either. There was one instance of a prisoner riot several years back, but it was quickly put down by the guards.


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