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GMS compoundMultiple zones, varying levels of zone control

The GMS compound used to belong to Omega station, before it was abandoned.
Dungeon information
Music Cornered
Located in Lower Underrail
Areas GMS compound level 1
GMS Compound - Cave
GMS compound level 2
GMS compound level 3
Burrower Caves
Connections GMS warehouse block
Upper Caves
Lower Caves
NPCs Gorsky, Sully
Map file(s) GammaCompound1

GMS compound is the first major dungeon the player visits during Underrail storyline. It is located in Lower Underrail, and can be accessed via the Lower Underrail exit from South Gate Station, by heading north from the station platform on SGS level 1.

The player travels there during Gorsky's task and is tasked with finding a way to open the sealed door on the first level of GMS compound.

Level 1: Offices

The initial level, some dusty old offices full of rathounds and junk. A large sealed door is located near the entrance. To the west is an unpowered elevator, to the northwest are stairs and the power generator for the whole compound is also on this level.

An Omni-Tool can usually be found somewhere on the first level, and it proves useful as the whole compound proper is full of accessible ventilation shafts. Just remember that rathounds are more than capable of crawling inside the same ventilation tunnels.

During your mission here, Gorsky's team will be waiting near the entrance.

  • A room in the southwest part of the area has a door requiring 25 Hacking.
    • The room can also be entered through the ventilation shafts
    • It contains a backpack with an Omega ID Card oddity, 1 XP
    • The backpack also contains a Key (GMS)
    • It also has hidden safe (detected with 7 Perception), which can be opened with 30 Lockpicking
  • In the southeast corner is a Power Generator. It can be configured to bring power back to the elevator
  • In the southeast part of the area, there's a room with a footlocker that requires 25 Lockpicking or can be opened with the Key (GMS)
  • South of the entrance is a room with blood and bones. A locker in this room contains an Omega ID Card oddity, 1 XP
  • West of the entrance is a room that has a door requiring 20 Lockpicking.
  • The room to the northwest has a door that requires 20 Hacking
    • It has another opening from the back, that can be reached from the ventilation shafts
    • The southern locker in the room requires 30 Lockpicking
    • The northern locker in the room contains an Omega ID Card oddity, 1 XP
  • The level 2 below can be reached:
    • Either by using the stairs which is the exit in the northwest corner of the area
    • Or by using the elevator on the west wall after restoring power with the generators in the southeast corner
  • The storage room locked behind heavy doors on the north side can be opened after the quest is complete. Refer to Gorsky's task for details. It leads to the burrower caves

GMS Compound - Cave

An adjacent watery natural cave with even more rathounds in it. Some Mindshrooms also grow here.

This cave also leads to Upper Caves, but TNT Charges are needed to advance further.

Level 2: Storage

This level is largely devoid of living creatures. Armed Sentry Bots and Small Sentry Bots roam around. Being seen by the cameras will attract the bots towards you. Breaking in to the storage rooms can yield some useful loot.

The stairway leading down is blocked by rubble, so the player has to find another way to advance.

Level 3: Commons

This level consists of a relatively clean living area with cafeteria, and some storage rooms. The elevator on this level is broken, but it can be repaired with 15 mechanics skill. This level has been recently overtaken by raiders, coming in from the adjacent Lower Caves.


Burrower Caves

Burrower nesting area near the GMS compound. It is to the north of the storage room on the level 1 of the compound, are requires to complete Gorsky's task first before it can be accessed (you may have to go back to South Gate Station and talk to Quinton to recover the keycard once the quest is complete).

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