Crossroad Watch

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Crossroad WatchPartially controlled zone

Cave tunnels connecting SGS with the lower caves.
Zone information
Music Subterra
Located in Lower Caves
Areas Crossroad watchpost
Connections South Gate Station level 9 (west)
South Gate Outposts (north)
Crossroad Caves (south)
Lower Caves east 6 (blocked)
NPCs Old Jonas
Map file(s) CrossroadCaves

Crossroad Watch is a location in Caves.


It is a watchpost in the middle of cavern crossroads, right outside South Gate Station level 9 cave tunnel exit. Old Jonas can be met here for the first time.

Initially available routes from this area lead to South Gate Outposts in the north and Mushroom Cove in the south. Once the player has access to TNT Charges, the rocks blocking the way to east Caves can be destroyed.