RAF 013

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RAF 013Uncontrolled zone

Old abandoned Biocorp Facility.
Location information
Music Cornered
Located in Lower Underrail
Areas Entrance
Main hall
Robot storage rooms
Connections Upper Underrail Ventilation System
Lower Underrail (main door)
NPCs Rassophore Nevil
Map file(s) lu-raf

RAF 013 is a location in Lower Underrail. It shows up on the Global Map as Lower Underrail Facility.


This facility, only identified as RAF 013 by its computers, houses a large number of robots. It is likely that RAF 013 refers to Robot Assembly Facility number 13 or something similar.

It is located in Lower Underrail, some ways south from Core City gates. However, the facility can be entered only via one-way trip through Upper Underrail Ventilation System before its main gate has been opened.



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