Abandoned Facility

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Abandoned Biocorp FacilityUncontrolled zone

Biocorp facility.jpg
Dungeon information
Music Cornered
Located in Core City
Areas Elevator
Sector 1
Sector 2
Connections Core City utility
NPCs Vivian
Map file(s) cc_utility

Abandoned Facility is a dungeon in Core City.


An old, abandoned Biocorp research facility located under Core City, accessible via the Core City's utility elevator during and after JKK questline.

It is split into three sectors. Sector 1 contains hydraulic generator room, armory, main storage, large offices, maintenance room and security room. Some Muties, possibly the facility's old staff or test subjects exposed to unknown mutagens, also reside here. To the south is Sector 2 which contains secondary storage, labs and another part of the hydraulic generator. Plasma Sentry guardians are still active within. Sector 3 is to the northeast, but it is inaccessible due to rocks blocking the passage.


  • Accessed right after following Vivian to the elevator from Core City passages, area Utility section
  • The switch to the northwest triggers a trap leading you to area Sector 1

Sector 1

Sector 2

  • The corridor:
  • The Research room (with 3 computer desks):
  • The storage room (east room):
  • The pumping room:
    • The hydraulic pump can be initiated once the 3 Pipes have been used to repair the broken pipe sections (two in Sector 2 and one in Sector 1)


  • Muties: the current residents of Sector 1
  • Coil Spiders: hiding in the the main storage room
  • Plasma Sentries: old security robots still active and patrolling Sector 2


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