Polemos Station

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Polemos StationControlled zone

Upper metro system of South Underrail. It used to connect mostly commercial, research and educational facilities.
Zone information
Music Skyless World
Located in Upper Underrail
Areas Polemos station
Connections Upper Underrail
Fort Apogee
Fast Travel Upper Underrail metro
NPCs 2 Protectorate Heavy Gunners, 2 Protectorate Snipers, Protectorate Shock Trooper, Protectorate Dreadnought, 2 Plasma Turrets
Map file(s) up-pb

Polemos Station is a station on Upper Underrail's green metro line.


This station houses the heavily guarded entrance to Fort Apogee, largest Protectorate outpost in South Underrail. Only members of the Protectorate are allowed entry.

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