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This page list each zone in Underrail, their corresponding wiki articles and zone screenshot images. See also: Zones/Expedition

Upper Underrail

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Core City
up-cc Core City (Upper Metro Station) File:up-cc.png
File:up-cc 1.png
Fort Apogee (Protectorate base)
up-pb Upper Underrail (Polemos Station) File:up-pb.png
File:up-pb 1.png
pb-amb Fort Apogee File:pb-amb.png
pb-baracks Fort Apogee File:pb-baracks.png
pb-mainhall Fort Apogee File:pb-mainhall.png
pb-util Fort Apogee File:pb-util.png
Epione Lab
up-lift Upper Underrail (Epione Lab Station) File:up-lift.png
up-lw Epione Lab File:up-lw.png
File:up-lw 1.png
Institute of Tchort
up-tch Upper Underrail (University Station) File:up-tch.png
File:up-tch 1.png
Panacea Lab
up-plb Panacea Lab File:up-plb.png
plb Panacea Lab File:plb.png
Scavenger shop
up8 Upper Underrail File:up8.png
File:up8 1.png
Dolos Center station
up10 Upper Underrail File:up10.png
Emporion Shopping Mall
up-mall Emporion Shopping Mall File:up-mall.png
File:up-mall 1.png
File:up-mall 2.png
Harpocrates Station
tch_met Harpocrates Station File:tch_met.png
tch_mu1 Utility Station 7 File:tch_mu1.png
tch_mut Toxic Waste Processing Plant File:tch_mut.png
tch_mv1 Upper Underrail Ventilation System File:tch_mv1.png
File:tch_mv1 1.png
File:tch_mv1 2.png
File:tch_mv1 3.png
File:tch_mv1 4.png
File:tch_mv1 5.png

Institute of Tchort

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Entrance & offices
up-tch Institute of Tchort (University Station) File:up-tch.png
tch-entry Institute of Tchort File:tch-entry.png
tch-mainhall Institute of Tchort File:tch-mainhall.png
File:tch-mainhall 1.png
tch-off Institute of Tchort File:tch-off.png
tch-soff Institute of Tchort File:tch-soff.png
tch-loff Institute of Tchort File:tch-loff.png
East wing
tch-ew1 Institute of Tchort File:tch-ew1.png
tch-ew2 Institute of Tchort File:tch-ew2.png
tch-mil Institute of Tchort armory File:tch-mil.png
tch-labche Institute of Tchort chemistry lab File:tch-labche.png
tch-labgen Institute of Tchort genetics lab File:tch-labgen.png
File:tch-labgen 1.png
tch-labpsy Institute of Tchort physics lab File:tch-labpsy.png
tch-lq Institute of Tchort File:tch-lq.png
tch-sq1 Institute of Tchort sleeping quarters File:tch-sq1.png
tch-sq2 Institute of Tchort sleeping quarters File:tch-sq2.png
West wing
tch-lib Institute of Tchort library File:tch-lib.png
tch-can Institute of Tchort cantina File:tch-can.png
tch-ww1 Institute of Tchort west wing File:tch-ww1.png
tch-ww2 Institute of Tchort west wing File:tch-ww2.png
File:tch-ww2 1.png
tch-ww3 Institute of Tchort west wing File:tch-ww3.png
tch-ww4 Institute of Tchort west wing File:tch-ww4.png
tch-ww5 Institute of Tchort west wing File:tch-ww5.png
tch-wwg Institute of Tchort west wing File:tch-wwg.png
tch-inv - File:tch-inv.png
Utility section
tch-util1 Institute of Tchort File:tch-util1.png
tch-util2 Institute of Tchort File:tch-util2.png
File:tch-util2 1.png
tch-util3 Institute of Tchort File:tch-util3.png
File:tch-util3 1.png
File:tch-util3 2.png
tch-vent Institute of Tchort File:tch-vent.png
tch-rit Institute of Tchort File:tch-rit.png
tch-dclift Institute of Tchort File:tch-dclift.png

Lower Underrail

South Gate Station

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
LU-SouthGateStation-N Lower Underrail: South Gate Station File:LU-SouthGateStation-N.png
LU-SouthGateStation South Gate Station level 1 File:LU-SouthGateStation.png
File:LU-SouthGateStation 1.png
StationAlpha-Level2 South Gate Station level 2 File:StationAlpha-Level2.png
StationAlpha-Level3 South Gate Station level 3 File:StationAlpha-Level3.png
StationAlpha-Level4 South Gate Station level 4 File:StationAlpha-Level4.png
StationAlpha-Level5 South Gate Station level 5 File:StationAlpha-Level5.png
StationAlpha-Level6 South Gate Station level 6 File:StationAlpha-Level6.png
StationAlpha-Level7 South Gate Station level 7 File:StationAlpha-Level7.png
StationAlpha-Level8 South Gate Station level 8 File:StationAlpha-Level8.png
StationAlpha-Level9 South Gate Station level 9 File:StationAlpha-Level9.png
StationAlpha-Level9b South Gate Station Docks File:StationAlpha-Level9b.png

GMS compound

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
GammaCompound1 GMS compound level 1 File:GammaCompound1.png
File:GammaCompound1 1.png
File:GammaCompound1 2.png
GammaCompound2 GMS compound level 2 File:GammaCompound2.png
File:GammaCompound2 1.png
File:GammaCompound2 2.png
File:GammaCompound2 3.png
GammaCompound3 GMS compound level 3 File:GammaCompound3.png
File:GammaCompound3 1.png
File:GammaCompound3 2.png
GammaCompound1Cave GMS Compound - Cave File:GammaCompound1Cave.png
burc1 Burrower Caves File:burc1.png

Rail Crossing

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
rc1 Rail Crossing File:rc1.png
File:rc1 1.png
rc2 Rail Crossing North Railyard File:rc2.png
rc3 Rail Crossing South Railyard File:rc3.png
rc1_LivingQuarter Rail Crossing Living Quarters File:rc1_LivingQuarter.png
rc_shop Rail Crossing Buzzer's Shop File:rc_shop.png
File:rc_shop 1.png
File:rc_shop 2.png
File:rc_shop 3.png
rc_tunnel1 Rail Crossing South Tunnel File:rc_tunnel1.png
rc_tunnel2 Rail Crossing North Tunnel File:rc_tunnel2.png


Map file Article Zone Screenshot
fo-bunker Foundry bunker File:fo-bunker.png
File:fo-bunker 1.png
fo1 Foundry File:fo1.png
File:fo1 1.png
fo2 Foundry File:fo2.png
File:fo2 1.png
fo3-tunnel Foundry tunnel File:fo3-tunnel.png
fo3 Foundry File:fo3.png
File:fo3 1.png
File:fo3 2.png
fo3_slums Foundry slums File:fo3_slums.png
fo4 Foundry File:fo4.png
fo5 Foundry File:fo5.png
Foundry prison
fo_prison Foundry prison File:fo_prison.png
File:fo_prison 1.png
fo_prisonCave Foundry prison File:fo_prisonCave.png
Foundry mines
fom1 Foundry mines File:fom1.png
fom2 Foundry mines File:fom2.png
fom3 Foundry mines File:fom3.png
fom4 Foundry mines File:fom4.png
fom5 Foundry mines File:fom5.png
fom6 Foundry mines File:fom6.png
fom7 Foundry mines File:fom7.png
fom8 Foundry mines File:fom8.png
Crystal Cave
crys1 Crystal Cave File:crys1.png
crys2 Crystal Cave File:crys2.png
crys3 Crystal Cave File:crys3.png
crys4 Crystal Cave File:crys4.png
crys5 Crystal Cave (the beast's lair) File:crys5.png

Core City

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Upper Level
cc18 Core City Upper Level (elevator & Coretech HQ) File:cc18.png
cc19 Core City Upper Level (Coretech HQ level 2) File:cc19.png
cc20 Core City Upper Level (JKK HQ & Tchortists) File:cc20.png
cc21 Core City Upper Level (JKK HQ level 2) File:cc21.png
cc22 Core City Upper Level (Praetorian Security HQ) File:cc22.png
cc23 Core City Upper Level (Praetorian Security HQ level 2) File:cc23.png
cc-tm Core City Manor File:cc-tm.png
File:cc-tm 1.png
File:cc-tm 2.png
File:cc-tm 3.png
File:cc-tm 4.png
File:cc-tm 5.png
File:cc-tm 6.png
cc-res Core City Residential File:cc-res.png
File:cc-res 1.png
cc-rtun Core City Residential File:cc-rtun.png
cc_ph Your House File:cc_ph.png
File:cc_ph 1.png
File:cc_ph 2.png
Middle Level
cc8 Core City Middle Level (elevator) File:cc8.png
cc9 Core City Middle Level File:cc9.png
File:cc9 1.png
cc10 Core City Middle Level File:cc10.png
File:cc10 1.png
cc11 Core City Middle Level File:cc11.png
cc12 Core City Middle Level File:cc12.png
cc13 Core City Middle Level File:cc13.png
File:cc13 1.png
cc14 Core City Middle Level / Drop Zone File:cc14.png
File:cc14 1.png
cc14x Core City Middle Level / Drop Zone (Oinko on Motion) File:cc14x.png
cc15 Core City Middle Level / Drop Zone File:cc15.png
cc15x Core City Middle Level / Drop Zone File:cc15x.png
cc16 Core City Middle Level / Drop Zone File:cc16.png
cc17 Core City Middle Level File:cc17.png
cc_bar Hardcore City Bar File:cc_bar.png
File:cc_bar 1.png
cc_arena Arena File:cc_arena.png
File:cc_arena 1.png
cc_enterGauntlet Gauntlet (entrance) File:cc_enterGauntlet.png
cc_FLCave Core City (Faceless cave) File:cc_FLCave.png
Lower Level
cc_cityEnter Core City Lower Level (Lower Metro Station) File:cc_cityEnter.png
cc1 Core City Lower Level Lower Level elevator File:cc1.png
File:cc1 1.png
cc2 Core City Lower Level File:cc2.png
cc3 Core City Lower Level / Drop Zone File:cc3.png
cc4 Core City Lower Level File:cc4.png
cc5 Core City Lower Level File:cc5.png
File:cc5 1.png
cc6 Core City Lower Level / Drop Zone File:cc6.png
cc7 Core City Lower Level / Drop Zone File:cc7.png
cc_warehouse Coretech warehouse File:cc_warehouse.png
cc_abandoned Black Crawler camp File:cc_abandoned.png
cc_passage Core City passages File:cc_passage.png
File:cc_passage 1.png
cc_utility Core City passages File:cc_utility.png
cc_dock Core City Docks elevator File:cc_dock.png
File:cc_dock 1.png
cc_pz1 Port Zenith File:cc_pz1.png
cc_pz2 Port Zenith File:cc_pz2.png
File:cc_pz2 1.png
cc_pzdock Port Zenith File:cc_pzdock.png
Core City Sewers
cc_s1 Core City Sewers File:cc_s1.png
cc_s2 Core City Sewers File:cc_s2.png
cc_s3 Core City Sewers File:cc_s3.png
cc_s4 Core City Sewers File:cc_s4.png
cc_s5 Core City Sewers File:cc_s5.png
cc_s6 Core City Sewers File:cc_s6.png
File:cc_s6 1.png
File:cc_s6 2.png
File:cc_s6 3.png
File:cc_s6 4.png
Abandoned Biocorp Facility
cc_bcf1 Abandoned Facility File:cc_bcf1.png
File:cc_bcf1 1.png
File:cc_bcf1 2.png
cc_bcf2 Abandoned Facility File:cc_bcf2.png
File:cc_bcf2 1.png
Coretech Research Facility
cc_rf1 Research Facility File:cc_rf1.png
cc_rf2 Research Facility File:cc_rf2.png
File:cc_rf2 1.png
cc_rf3 Research Facility File:cc_rf3.png
File:cc_rf3 1.png
Zaman's Lair
cc_zamansLair Zaman's Lair File:cc_zamansLair.png
File:cc_zamansLair 1.png
cc_zamansCave1 Zaman's Lair File:cc_zamansCave1.png
cc_zamansCave2 Zaman's Lair File:cc_zamansCave2.png
Core City Underground
cc_whu1 Core City Underground File:cc_whu1.png
cc_whu2 Core City Underground File:cc_whu2.png
cc_whu3 Core City Underground File:cc_whu3.png
Gauntlet (on mid level)
cc_enterGauntlet Gauntlet entrance File:cc_enterGauntlet.png
cc_g1 Gauntlet File:cc_g1.png
cc_g2 Gauntlet File:cc_g2.png
cc_g3 Gauntlet File:cc_g3.png
cc_g4 Gauntlet File:cc_g4.png
cc_g5 Gauntlet File:cc_g5.png
cc_g6 Gauntlet File:cc_g6.png
cc_g7 Gauntlet File:cc_g7.png
cc_g8 Gauntlet File:cc_g8.png
cc_gfin Gauntlet File:cc_gfin.png

Misc. locations

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Warehouse blocks
WarehouseBlockAlpha1 GMS warehouse block File:WarehouseBlockAlpha1.png
wba2 Warehouse Block Alpha File:wba2.png
wbb1 Warehouse Block Beta File:wbb1.png
wbb2 Warehouse Block Beta File:wbb2.png
wbb3 Warehouse Block Beta File:wbb3.png
wbb4 Warehouse Block Beta File:wbb4.png
Abandoned Warehousee
aw1-1 Abandoned Warehouse floor 1 File:aw1-1.png
File:Aw1-1 1.png
aw1-2 Abandoned Warehouse floor 2 File:aw1-2.png
Secluded Station
lu-b29 Secluded Station File:lu-b29.png
South Railroad Outpost
lu-b31 South Railroad Outpost File:lu-b31.png
Lost Vault
lux-b9 Lost Vault File:lux-b9.png
Hanging Rat bar
lux-b11 Hanging Rat File:lux-b11.png
Hephaestus Research
lux-b1 Hephaestus Research File:lux-b1.png
lux-b2 Hephaestus Research File:lux-b2.png
lux-md Bunker (Upper Caves) File:lux-md.png
Hecate Research Outpost
hro1 Hecate Research Outpost File:hro1.png
hro2 Hecate Research Outpost File:hro2.png
RAF 013
lu-raf RAF 013 File:lu-raf.png
lux-wa Oculus File:lux-wa.png
File:lux-wa 1.png
wa-lower Oculus File:wa-lower.png
wa-mf Oculus File:wa-mf.png
wa-mon Oculus File:wa-mon.png
wa-shop Oculus File:wa-shop.png

Lower Caves


Map file Article Zone Screenshot
jy1 Junkyard Gate File:jy1.png
jy2 Junkyard main street File:jy2.png
jy3 Junkyard slums File:jy3.png
jy4 Junkyard east residential area File:jy4.png
jy5 Junkyard - Docks File:jy5.png
jy6 Junkyard - Depot B File:jy6.png
jy7 Junkyard back alley File:jy7.png
jy8 Junkyard gambling house File:jy8.png
Junkyard embassy
jye1 United Stations Embassy File:jye1.png
File:jye1 1.png
jye2 Embassy lower level File:jye2.png
File:jye2 1.png
File:jye2 2.png
jye3 United Stations Embassy elevator File:jye3.png
Junkyard Free Drones Base
jyfd Junkyard - Free Drones Base File:jyfd.png
File:jyfd 1.png
Junkyard hidden
jyh1 Wormhole tunnel File:jyh1.png
jyh2 Elwood's House File:jyh2.png
jyh3 Junkyard - Secret Passage File:jyh3.png
Junkyard tunnels
jyt1 Lower Caves (junkyard path) File:jyt1.png
File:jyt1 frag_dun_wasteWater.png
jyt2 Lower Caves (west) File:jyt2.png
jyt3 Siphoner pools File:jyt3.png
jyt4 Lower Caves (southwest) File:jyt4.png
File:jyt4 frag_dun_wasteWater.png
jyt5 Lower Caves (Abram's dig site) File:jyt5.png
Junkyard tunnels dungeon
jytd1 Abandoned Building File:jytd1.png

Depot A

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Old Junkyard
ojy1 Depot A south File:ojy1.png
ojy2 Depot A east File:ojy2.png
ojy3 Depot A north File:ojy3.png
ojy4 Depot A west File:ojy4.png
Old Junkyard underneath
ojy-u1 Lower Depot A east File:ojy-u1.png
File:ojy-u1 1.png
ojy-u2 Lower Depot A west File:ojy-u2.png
File:ojy-u2 1.png
Old Junkyard caves
ojy-c1 Depot A caved-in area File:ojy-c1.png
File:ojy-c1 1.png

Camp Hathor

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Camp Hathor
cv15 Camp Hathor File:cv15.png
cv16 Camp Hathor File:cv16.png
cv17 Hathor Mine File:cv17.png
cv18 Hathor Mine File:cv18.png
File:cv18 1.png

Misc. locations

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Crossroad Caves
CrossroadCaves Crossroad Watch File:CrossroadCaves.png
CrossroadCaves2 Crossroad Caves File:CrossroadCaves2.png
CrossroadCaves3 Crossroad Caves File:CrossroadCaves3.png
File:crossroadCaves3 frag_xcaves3d.png
CrossroadCaves4 Crossroad Caves File:CrossroadCaves4.png
CrossroadCave5 Crossroad Caves File:CrossroadCave5.png
File:crossroadCave5 frag_xcaves5d.png
CrossroadCave6 Crossroad Caves File:CrossroadCave6.png
Mushroom Cove
MushroomCoveNE Mushroom Cove northeast File:MushroomCoveNE.png
MushroomCoveNW Mushroom Cove northwest File:MushroomCoveNW.png
MushroomCoveS Mushroom Cove south File:MushroomCoveS.png
MushroomCoveBase Mushroom Cove Base File:MushroomCoveBase.png
File:MushroomCoveBase frag_mushcb1.png
File:MushroomCoveBase frag_mushcb2.png
South Gate Outposts
ForlornStations1 South Gate Outposts File:ForlornStations1.png
File:ForlornStations1 1.png
ForlornStations2 South Gate Outposts File:ForlornStations2.png
ForlornStations3 South Gate Outposts File:ForlornStations3.png
File:ForlornStations3 u.png
File:ForlornStations3 frag_frlstat3.png
ForlornStations4 South Gate Outposts File:ForlornStations4.png
File:ForlornStations4 u.png
File:ForlornStations4 frag_frlstat.png
Silent Isle
si1 Silent Isle File:si1.png
si2 Silent Isle cave File:si2.png
Forsaken Island
jgi1 Forsaken Island File:jgi1.png
jgi2 Forsaken Island File:jgi2.png
File:jgi2 1.png
Battery recycling plant
cv7 Battery recycling plant File:cv7.png
Rathound King Lair
rkl1 Rathound King Lair File:rkl1.png
File:rkl1 1.png
rkl2 Rathound King Lair File:rkl2.png


Base game files only. Does not include the rig.

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Chancer's Bay
cvw1 Chancer's Bay File:cvw1.png
cvw2 Chancer's Bay File:cvw2.png
cvw3 Chancer's Bay File:cvw3.png
cvw4 Chancer's Bay File:cvw4.png
cvw5 Chancer's Bay File:cvw5.png
cvw6 Chancer's Bay File:cvw6.png
Scrappy Narrow
cvw7 Scrappy Narrow File:cvw7.png
Rig Periphery
cvw8 Rig Periphery File:cvw8.png
cvw9 Rig Periphery File:cvw9.png
cvw10 Rig Periphery File:cvw10.png
cvw12 Rig Periphery File:cvw12.png
cvw30 Rig Periphery File:cvw30.png
cvw31 Rig Periphery File:cvw31.png
Core Ring
cvw11 Core Ring File:cvw11.png
cvw13 Core Ring File:cvw13.png
cvw15 Core Ring File:cvw15.png
cvw16 Core Ring File:cvw16.png
cvw17 Core Ring File:cvw17.png
cvw18 Core Ring File:cvw18.png
cvw19 Core Ring File:cvw19.png
cvw20 Core Ring File:cvw20.png
cvw21 Core Ring File:cvw21.png
cvw22 Core Ring File:cvw22.png
cvw23 Core Ring File:cvw23.png
cvw24 Core Ring File:cvw24.png
cvw26 Core Ring File:cvw26.png
cvw27 Core Ring File:cvw27.png
cvw29 Core Ring File:cvw29.png
cvw32 Core Ring File:cvw32.png
cvw33 Core Ring File:cvw33.png
Core Ring - Protectorate Outpost
cvw14 Core Ring - Protectorate Outpost File:cvw14.png
cvw28 Core Ring - Protectorate Outpost File:cvw28.png
Core City Sewer Exit
cvw25 Core City Sewer Exit File:cvw25.png
Omega Pass
cvw34 Omega Pass File:cvw34.png
cvw35 Dreadpool File:cvw35.png
cvw36 Dreadpool File:cvw36.png
cvw37 Dreadpool File:cvw37.png
cvw38 Dreadpool File:cvw38.png
cvw39 Dreadpool File:cvw39.png
Black Strait
cvw40 Black Strait File:cvw40.png
Isaac's River
cvw41 Isaac's River File:cvw41.png
cvw42 Isaac's River File:cvw42.png
cvw43 Isaac's River File:cvw43.png
cvw44 Isaac's River File:cvw44.png
cvw45 Isaac's River File:cvw45.png
cvw46 Isaac's River File:cvw46.png
cvw47 Isaac's River File:cvw47.png
cvw48 Isaac's River File:cvw48.png
cvw49 Isaac's River File:cvw49.png
cvw50 Isaac's River File:cvw50.png
cvw51 Isaac's River File:cvw51.png
cvw52 Isaac's River File:cvw52.png
cvw53 Isaac's River File:cvw53.png
Hunting Grounds
cvw_hg1 Hunting Grounds File:cvw_hg1.png
cvw_hg2 Hunting Grounds File:cvw_hg2.png
cvw_hg3 Hunting Grounds File:cvw_hg3.png
cvw_hg4 Rathound Lair (Hunting Grounds) File:cvw_hg4.png
Old Ib's Homestead
cvw18x Old Ib's Homestead File:cvw18x.png
cvw17x Caves File:cvw17x.png
cc_pzdock Port Zenith File:cc_pzdock.png

Deep Caverns

Arke Power Station

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Arke Power Station
dc-pp Arke Power Station File:dc-pp.png
File:dc-pp 1.png
File:dc-pp 2.png
dc-pp_ama Arke Power Station File:dc-pp_ama.png
File:dc-pp_ama 1.png
dc-pp_c Arke Power Station File:dc-pp_c.png
dc-pp_e Arke Power Station File:dc-pp_e.png
dc-pp_m Arke Power Station File:dc-pp_m.png
File:dc-pp_m 1.png
dc-pp_ut Arke Power Station File:dc-pp_ut.png
File:dc-pp_ut 1.png

Caerus Residential

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Caerus Residential Block
dc-res1 Caerus Residential File:dc-res1.png
dc-res2 Caerus Residential File:dc-res2.png
File:dc-res2 1.png
File:dc-res2 2.png
dc-res3 Caerus Residential File:dc-res3.png
File:dc-res3 1.png

Deep Caverns

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Deep Caverns
dc-entry Deep Caverns File:dc-entry.png
dc-et Deep Caverns File:dc-et.png
dc-cp1 Deep Caverns File:dc-cp1.png
dc-cve Deep Caverns File:dc-cve.png
dc-lk Deep Caverns File:dc-lk.png
dc-he1 Deep Caverns File:dc-he1.png
dc-lift Deep Caverns File:dc-lift.png
dc-sc Deep Caverns File:dc-sc.png
dc-pass1 Deep Caverns File:dc-pass1.png
dc-pass2 Deep Caverns File:dc-pass2.png
Strange Shack
dc-he2 Strange Shack File:dc-he2.png
Rathound Lair
dc-rh Rathound Lair (Deep Caverns) File:dc-rh.png
File:dc-rh 1.png

Hollow Earth

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Hollow Earth
dc-la1 Hollow Earth File:dc-la1.png
dc-la2 Hollow Earth File:dc-la2.png
File:dc-la2 1.png
dc-tw Hollow Earth File:dc-tw.png
File:dc-tw 1.png
dc-vp Hollow Earth File:dc-vp.png
File:dc-vp 1.png
Cytosine Outpost
dc-tch Cytosine Outpost File:dc-tch.png
File:dc-tch 1.png
dc-pass_e Cytosine Outpost File:dc-pass_e.png
Tithonus Laboratory
dc-tl Tithonus Laboratory File:dc-tl.png
Talos Outpost
dc-flo Talos Outpost File:dc-flo.png

Mushroom Forest

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Mushroom Forest
dc-f1 Mushroom Forest File:dc-f1.png
dc-f2 Mushroom Forest File:dc-f2.png
dc-f3 Mushroom Forest File:dc-f3.png
dc-f4 Mushroom Forest File:dc-f4.png
dc-f5 Mushroom Forest File:dc-f5.png
dc-f6 Mushroom Forest File:dc-f6.png
dc-f7 Mushroom Forest File:dc-f7.png
dc-fs1 Mushroom Forest File:dc-fs1.png
dc-fs2 Mushroom Forest File:dc-fs2.png
dc-fs3 Mushroom Forest File:dc-fs3.png
dc-fs4 Mushroom Forest File:dc-fs4.png
dc-fs5 Mushroom Forest File:dc-fs5.png


Map file Article Zone Screenshot
dc-laby1 Labyrinth File:dc-laby1.png
dc-laby2 Labyrinth File:dc-laby2.png
dc-laby3 Labyrinth File:dc-laby3.png
dc-laby4 Labyrinth File:dc-laby4.png
dc-ex Labyrinth File:dc-ex.png

Mutagen Tanks

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Mutagen Tanks A
dc-mut1 Mutagen Tanks A File:dc-mut1.png
dc-mut1a Mutagen Tanks A File:dc-mut1a.png
dc-mut2 Mutagen Tanks A File:dc-mut2.png
dc-mut3 Mutagen Tanks A File:dc-mut3.png
Mutagen Tanks B
dc-de3 Mutagen Tanks B File:dc-de3.png
File:dc-de3 1.png
dc-tchb Nucleus File:dc-tchb.png
Mutagen Tanks A gate
dc-door2 Hollow Earth File:dc-door2.png
dc-door2_d1 Hollow Earth File:dc-door2_d1.png
dc-door2_d2 Hollow Earth File:dc-door2_d2.png
dc-de1 Hollow Earth File:dc-de1.png
Mutagen Tanks B gate
dc-de2 Hollow Earth File:dc-de2.png
dc-door1 Hollow Earth File:dc-door1.png
dc-door1_d1 Hollow Earth File:dc-door1_d1.png
dc-door1_d2 Hollow Earth File:dc-door1_d2.png

Warehouse Blocks

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
dc-wh1 Deep Caverns File:dc-wh1.png
dc-wh2 Deep Caverns File:dc-wh2.png
dc-wh3 Deep Caverns File:dc-wh3.png
File:dc-wh3 1.png

In-between areas

Upper Underrail

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Metro stations
up-cc Upper Underrail (Core City Station) File:up-cc.png
File:up-cc 1.png
up-lift Upper Underrail (Epione Lab Station) File:up-lift.png
up-pb Upper Underrail (Polemos Station) File:up-pb.png
File:up-pb 1.png
up-tch Upper Underrail (University Station) File:up-tch.png
File:up-tch 1.png
Upper Underrail
up1 Upper Underrail File:up1.png
up2 Upper Underrail File:up2.png
up2x Upper Underrail File:up2x.png
File:up2x 1.png
up3 Upper Underrail File:up3.png
up3x Upper Underrail File:up3x.png
File:up3x 1.png
up4 Upper Underrail File:up4.png
up5 Upper Underrail File:up5.png
up5-pas Upper Underrail File:up5-pas.png
up5x Upper Underrail File:up5x.png
up6 Upper Underrail File:up6.png
up7 Upper Underrail File:up7.png
up8 Upper Underrail File:up8.png
File:up8 1.png
up9 Upper Underrail File:up9.png
up-ww Upper Underrail File:up-ww.png

Lower Underrail

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Lower Underrail (near SGS)
lu-a1 Lower Underrail (big hub area) File:lu-a1.png
lu-a2 Lower Underrail (SGS station platform south) File:lu-a2.png
lu-a3 Lower Underrail (south of SGS, lvl10 Ironheads) File:lu-a3.png
lu-a4 Lower Underrail (south of SGS, rathounds) File:lu-a4.png
lu-a5 Lower Underrail File:lu-a6.png
lu-a6 Lower Underrail File:lu-a6.png
lu-a7 Lower Underrail File:lu-a7.png
lu-a8 Lower Underrail File:lu-a8.png
lu-a9 Lower Underrail File:lu-a9.png
lu-a10 Lower Underrail File:lu-a10.png
Lower Underrail (near RC)
lu-b1 Lower Underrail File:lu-b1.png
lu-b2 Lower Underrail (Lurker blockade) File:lu-b2.png
lu-b3 Lower Underrail File:lu-b3.png
lu-b4 Lower Underrail (Dude's warehouse) File:lu-b4.png
File:lu-b4 1.png
lu-b5 Lower Underrail File:lu-b5.png
lu-b6 Lower Underrail File:lu-b6.png
lu-b7 Lower Underrail File:lu-b7.png
lu-b8 Lower Underrail (dogs) File:lu-b8.png
lu-b9 Lower Underrail (lvl15 Ironhead camp) File:lu-b9.png
lu-b10 Lower Underrail File:lu-b10.png
lu-b11 Lower Underrail (RC crossing) File:lu-b11.png
lu-b12 Lower Underrail (RC railyard) File:lu-b12.png
lu-b13 Lower Underrail (abandoned warehouse entrance) File:lu-b13.png
lu-b27 Lower Underrail File:lu-b27.png
lu-b28 Lower Underrail File:lu-b28.png
lu-b30 Lower Underrail (outside south railroad outpost) File:lu-b30.png
lu-b10u1 Lower Underrail File:lu-b10u1.png
lu-b10u2 Lower Underrail File:lu-b10u2.png
File:lu-b10u2 1.png
File:lu-b10u2 2.png
lu-b27u Lower Underrail File:lu-b27u.png
Lower Underrail (Near Foundry)
lu-b14 Lower Underrail File:lu-b14.png
lu-b15 Lower Underrail (ironhead railway camp) File:lu-b15.png
lu-b16 Lower Underrail File:lu-b16.png
lu-b17 Lower Underrail File:lu-b17.png
lu-b18 Lower Underrail File:lu-b18.png
lu-b19 Lower Underrail (ironhead checkpoint) File:lu-b19.png
lu-b20 Lower Underrail File:lu-b20.png
lu-b21 Lower Underrail File:lu-b21.png
lu-b22 Lower Underrail (west-east tracks) File:lu-b22.png
lu-b22x Lower Underrail (Faceless group) File:lu-b22x.png
lu-b23 Lower Underrail (west-east tracks) File:lu-b23.png
lu-b24 Lower Underrail (Foundry railyard) File:lu-b24.png
lu-b25 Lower Underrail (west-east tracks) File:lu-b25.png
lu-b26 Lower Underrail (east of Foundry) File:lu-b26.png
lu-b26x Lower Underrail (bandits, Hugo) File:lu-b26x.png
Lower Underrail (North of Foundry)
lu-c1 Lower Underrail File:lu-c1.png
lu-c2 Lower Underrail File:lu-c2.png
lu-c3 Lower Underrail (medical room, dogs) File:lu-c3.png
lu-c4 Lower Underrail File:lu-c4.png
lu-c5 Lower Underrail (Core City outskirts) File:lu-c5.png
lu-c6 Lower Underrail File:lu-c6.png
lu-c7 Lower Underrail File:lu-c7.png
lu-c8 Lower Underrail File:lu-c8.png
lu-c9 Lower Underrail File:lu-c9.png
lu-cblock Lower Underrail (Core City outskirts) File:lu-cblock.png
lu-b22u Lower Underrail File:lu-b22u.png
lu-c10 Lower Underrail File:lu-c10.png
lu-c11 Lower Underrail File:lu-c11.png
Lower Underrail (unsorted 1.0.3 additions)
lu-b31 Lower Underrail File:lu-b31.png
lu-b32 Lower Underrail File:lu-b32.png
lu-b33 Lower Underrail File:lu-b33.png
lu-b34 Lower Underrail File:lu-b34.png
lu-b35 Lower Underrail File:lu-b35.png
lu-b36 Lower Underrail File:lu-b36.png
lu-b37 Lower Underrail File:lu-b37.png
lu-b38 Lower Underrail File:lu-b38.png
lu-b39 Lower Underrail File:lu-b39.png
lu-b40 Lower Underrail File:lu-b40.png
lu-b41 Lower Underrail File:lu-b41.png
lu-b42 Lower Underrail File:lu-b42.png


Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Free Drones Base
lup-b3 Under-passages File:lup-b3.png
lup_freeDroneBase Free Drones Base File:lup_freeDroneBase.png
File:lup_freeDroneBase 1.png
Lurker Base
lup-a8 Lurker Base File:lup-a8.png
File:lup-a8 1.png
lup-a8Prison Lurker Base File:lup-a8Prison.png
lup-a1 Under-passages File:lup-a1.png
lup-a2 Under-passages File:lup-a2.png
lup-a3 Under-passages File:lup-a3.png
lup-a4 Under-passages File:lup-a4.png
lup-a5 Under-passages File:lup-a5.png
lup-a6 Under-passages File:lup-a6.png
lup-a7 Under-passages File:lup-a7.png
lup-a9 Under-passages File:lup-a9.png
lup-a10 Under-passages File:lup-a10.png
File:lup-a10 1.png
lup-a11 Under-passages File:lup-a11.png
lup-a12 Under-passages File:lup-a12.png
File:lup-a12 1.png
lup-b1 Under-passages File:lup-b1.png
File:lup-b1 1.png

Upper Caves

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Upper Caves
lux-a1 Upper Caves File:lux-a1.png
lux-a2 Upper Caves File:lux-a2.png
lux-a3 Upper Caves File:lux-a3.png
lux-a4 Upper Caves File:lux-a4.png
lux-a5 Upper Caves File:lux-a5.png
lux-a6 Upper Caves File:lux-a6.png
lux-a6x Upper Caves File:lux-a6x.png
lux-a7 Upper Caves File:lux-a7.png
lux-a8 Upper Caves File:lux-a8.png
lux-a9 Upper Caves File:lux-a9.png
lux-a10 Upper Caves File:lux-a10.png
lux-a11 Upper Caves (Milton) File:lux-a11.png
lux-a12 Upper Caves File:lux-a12.png
Upper Caves (north of Milton)
lux-b3 Upper Caves File:lux-b3.png
lux-b4 Upper Caves (crossroads) File:lux-b4.png
lux-b5 Upper Caves (Smugglers) File:lux-b5.png
lux-b6 Upper Caves File:lux-b6.png
lux-b7 Upper Caves (lake) File:lux-b7.png
lux-b8 Upper Caves File:lux-b8.png
lux-b10 Upper Caves (rathounds) File:lux-b10.png
lux-b12 Upper Caves (ruin) File:lux-b12.png
lux-b13 Upper Caves (pool, crawlers) File:lux-b13.png
lux-b14 Upper Caves (pigs) File:lux-b14.png
lux-b15 Upper Caves (rathounds) File:lux-b15.png
lux-b16 Upper Caves (ironhead camp) File:lux-b16.png
lux-b17 Upper Caves (river) File:lux-b17.png
lux-b18 Upper Caves (pigs) File:lux-b18.png
lux-b19 Upper Caves (river) File:lux-b19.png
lux-b20 Upper Caves File:lux-b20.png
Upper Caves (roughly north of Foundry)
lux-c1 Upper Caves File:lux-c1.png
lux-c2 Upper Caves File:lux-c2.png
lux-c3 Upper Caves File:lux-c3.png
lux-c4 Upper Caves File:lux-c4.png
lux-c5 Upper Caves File:lux-c5.png
lux-c6 Upper Caves (lunatics, way up) File:lux-c6.png
lux-c7 Upper Caves File:lux-c7.png

Lower Caves

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Lower Caves
cv-dv Lower Caves (deep caverns elevator) File:cv-dv.png
cv1 Lower Caves (south of mushroom cove) File:cv1.png
cv2 Lower Caves (south of mushroom cove) File:cv2.png
File:cv2 1.png
cv3 Lower Caves (south of crossroad watch) File:cv3.png
cv4 Lower Caves (south of crossroad watch) File:cv4.png
cv5 Lower Caves (east of SGS) File:cv5.png
cv6 Lower Caves (east of SGS) File:cv6.png
cv8 Lower Caves (east of SGS) File:cv8.png
cv9 Lower Caves (east of SGS) File:cv9.png
cv10 Lower Caves (north of outposts) File:cv10.png
cv11 Lower Caves (north of outposts) File:cv11.png
cv12 Lower Caves (east of GMS, raiders) File:cv12.png
cv13 Lower Caves (east of GMS) File:cv13.png
cv14 Lower Caves (east of GMS, raider base) File:cv14.png
cv19 Lower Caves (south of Hathor) File:cv19.png
cv20 Lower Caves (further south of Hathor) File:cv20.png
cv21 Lower Caves (Rathound King Lair entrance) File:cv21.png
cv22 Lower Caves File:cv22.png
cv23 Lower Caves File:cv23.png
cv24 Lower Caves File:cv24.png

Random dungeons

Map file Article Zone Screenshot
Random dungeons
dun_lowLevelBunker1 Bunker (Random dungeon 1) File:dun_lowLevelBunker1.png
dun_lowLevelBunker2 Bunker (Random dungeon 2) File:dun_lowLevelBunker2.png
File:dun_lowLevelBunker2 1.png
File:dun_lowLevelBunker2 2.png
dun_lowLevelBunker3 Bunker (Random dungeon 3) File:dun_lowLevelBunker3.png
dun_lowLevelBunker4 Bunker (Random dungeon 4) File:dun_lowLevelBunker4.png
dun_lowLevelCave1 Cave (Random dungeon 1) File:dun_lowLevelCave1.png
dun_lowLevelCave2 Cave (Random dungeon 2) File:dun_lowLevelCave2.png
File:dun_lowLevelCave2 1.png
dun_lowLevelCave3 Cave (Random dungeon 3) File:dun_lowLevelCave3.png
dun_lowLevelCave4 Cave (Random dungeon 4) File:dun_lowLevelCave4.png
dun_lup-a Lower Passages (Random dungeon) File:dun_lup-a.png
dun_wasteWater Water Treatment Facility File:dun_wasteWater.png
File:dun_wasteWater 1.png
File:dun_wasteWater 2.png
File:dun_wasteWater 3.png
dun_ccResOfficeBuilding Core City Office Building File:dun_ccResOfficeBuilding 2.png
File:dun_ccResOfficeBuilding 3.png
File:dun_ccResOfficeBuilding 4.png
xpbl_dun_cvw_jeteater Jet Eater Lair File.xpbl_dun_cvw_jeteater.png