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This page lists some player-made Underrail maps, sorted by last update. No longer updated as of Dev Log #55: Global Map.

Oddity maps by User:RaptorMoses (2021 Aug)

Global maps with oddity Items marked down. Some oddities are missing from the maps. The maps include oddities that spawn randomly such as Acid Cyclopean Eye as well as oddities that can or cannot be present in a given playthrough such as Loaded Dice in the Water Treatment Facility.

3D map by xammurapi (2016 Aug)

Interactive WebGL application made using the Unity3D game engine.


Forum thread:

Pixel art maps by Saltamontes (2016 Jul)

Manually drawn maps (pixel by pixel) to match every tile within Underrail one on one with a pixel on the map.

Download link:

Forum thread:

Map by Pipboy (2016 May)

A clean metro style map for the release version.

Forum thread:

Making this map while playing the game (jan 2016), will update as soon as I have progressed further. If you find any mistakes please let me know in the forum thread so I can correct them.

Updated (May, 2016) by 0wca: added missing areas

Pipboy's clean metro style map

A complete map of Deep Caverns by Pencilus (2016 May)

A map I created when I made my first playthrough and was looking for a Deep Caverns map but since there was none I made one.

Pencilus' Deep Caverns map

Spreadsheet map by ghostdog (2016 Feb)

Complete Underrail map in spreadsheet format.


Forum thread:

Deep Caverns screenshot collage

Labeled screenshot collage of Deep Caverns main areas. Does not include Mushroom Forest, Labyrinth or any interior maps: Caerus Residential interior, Tithonus Laboratory, Arke Power Station interior, Toxic Storage, gatehouses at Mutagen Tanks, Nucleus.

Deep Caverns exterior areas

Maps by DQwiks (2016 Jan)

ENG/RUS maps based on latest version screenshots.


All-in-one map by Kordanor (2016 Jan)

An Underrail World map to get a general overview.


Sketch of map by arkangelgofgmono (2015 May)

A map consisting most of Lower Underrail, under-passages and caves.

Forum thread:

arkangelgofgmono's map (cropped)

Alpha maps by epeli (2014 Dec)

Last updated for 0.1.13 alpha version. Missing a few new areas, large city maps (Foundry, Core City, SGS) and entirety of Deep Caverns.

Forum thread: