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This page contains content from Underrail: Expedition expansion.
HopperdromeUncontrolled zone

The place for all your hopper racing needs!
Random location information
Music Unknown
Located in Lower Caves
Connections Core Ring, Waterways 29
NPCs Betmaker

Hopperdrome is a random location in the waterways of Lower Caves.


Hopperdrome is a cave hopper racing track found in the waterways north of The Rig. Brer the mechanic maintains the track and acts as a merchant while Daphne is the barmaid and sells various foodstuffs.

At the entrance, a nearby guard will suggest to player to pick up a leaflet nearby which explaining types of wagers and the odds. Upon reading the leaflet, player will be able to make a bet on one of the hoppers. To make a bet, player needs to talk to the Betmaker near the counter and choose one of the four hoppers and choose a wager. The minimum is fifty and the highest bid is two thousand charons. After making a bet, interact with a sofa or bench near the tracks to start the race.

Rigging the race

Player may rig the race by sneaking into the hopper pens and administering them with medicine or feeding them to increase or decrease their chances of winning. Drugs such as Adrenaline Shot, Jumping Bean or Supersoldier Drug work well to increase cave hopper speed. Each hopper has three characteristics: heart condition, digestive system and mental state. Various foods and medicines may decrease these stats, potentially causing their death. Exact mechanics of how they impact the hoppers are unknown.

Speed of the hopper can also be increased by casting Psycho-temporal Contraction on it.

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