Deep Caverns

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Deep CavernsUncontrolled zone

So it is true, there is a system of large caverns deep beneath Underrail.
Global Map DC.png
Major location information
Music Dark Tunnels
Located in Underrail
Areas Deep Caverns
Connections Mushroom Forest
Hollow Earth
Caerus Residential Block
Warehouse Block 2
Rathound Lair

Institute of Tchort
Hanging Rat
South Gate Station

NPCs Six, Leo
Map file(s) dc-et, dc-entry, dc-cp1, dc-cve, dc-lk, dc-he1, dc-he2

Deep Caverns is a major location far below Underrail metro tunnel network.


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The underworld jungle—a place of grim reputation, source of many legends and superstitions. The deepest reaches of the caverns of Underrail. Home to the Tunnelers, also known as the Faceless.

Old Jonas

Deep Caverns are enormous caves deep below both Upper and Lower Underrail that house the long-forgotten Hollow Earth research complex and other abandoned Biocorp infrastructure. Other points of interests include a large lake, a natural Labyrinth of tunnels inhabited by deep worms, a sizable Rathound Lair and the Mushroom Forest. The Faceless are also rumored to live somewhere in Deep Caverns. A small outpost of theirs is near the warehouses of Hollow Earth.

Though Deep Caverns share some forms of life with Underrail, the biosphere in the caverns is very different—partly due to mutagen experiments of old Biocorp. The caverns are home to many forms of life not seen in upper levels of Underrail, including but not limited to many forms of fungi, rare fishes useful for consumable crafting and new types of dangerous critters such as deep worms and shroomlings. Burrowers are also more numerous in the deeper caves.

Human presence in the caverns is limited to few, mainly the Tchortist preservation forces stationed at Cytosine Outpost and a crazy hermit.


Flora and fauna


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Miscellanous areas that are not a part of any other location within Deep Caverns.