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** a desk containing a [[Strange Comm Device]] oddity, 1 XP
** a desk containing a [[Strange Comm Device]] oddity, 1 XP
* The dormitory has:
* The dormitory has:
** 3 (or 4?) footlocker requiring 55 [[Lockpicking]]
** 5 footlockers, 2 are unlocked, the other 3 require 55 [[Lockpicking]]
== Quests ==
== Quests ==

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United Stations EmbassyControlled zone

Urban area information
Music Marching to New Tomorrow
Located in Lower Caves
Areas United Stations Embassy
Embassy lower level
Embassy elevator
Abram's digsite
Tunnel to prison
Connections Junkyard slums (main entrance)
South Railroad Outpost (elevator)
Caves (Abram's dig site)
NPCs Ambassador Athanas, Deputy, Maura, Abram
Map file(s) jye1 (embassy floor 1)
jye2 (embassy floor 2)
jye3 (embassy elevator)
jyt5 (abram's dig site)

United Stations Embassy is a location in Junkyard.


This is the United Stations embassy of South Underrail and an outpost for the Underrail Protectorate, located within Junkyard. As an protectorate outpost, it is highly secure and any visitors are required to unequip their weapons and combat utilities before entering the embassy proper.

Protectorate's South Railroad Outpost is directly above the embassy. It is accessible by the elevator after clearing the south metro tunnel (Completing Find the drill parts quest).

The embassy is typically first visited during a trade document delivery mission from SGS. Lower level of the embassy is initially inaccessible without either engaging the protectorate forces in combat or sneaking in. It contains prisons and some sort of research lab experimenting on the local acid mutants. The lower level can be sneaked into via a tunnel from Abram's dig site during and after freeing Maura from the prison.

Level 1 Union Embassy

Level 1 Embassy Elevator

Level 2 Protectorate prison


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