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Port Ceto is a location in the southeastern Black Sea. It is controlled by the Grim Jetters.


Port Ceto was built around the ruins of the Citadel of Life, the former metropolis of Lemuria, that got destroyed during Biocorp's attack on Lemuria as well as the Ceto Destroyer, an old damaged Biocorp warship that was left behind.

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Katya's Homestead (F1)

Katya's Homestead Underground Tunnels

  • Connects inside of her house to the fenced area north of it
  • Can be also accessed by jumping through the hole in the toilet south of her house

Katya's Homestead Secret Cave

  • There is a body of a frozen pirate inside
    • If player goes close, they will be confronted by Katya
  • There is a regrowing Glittershroom on the cave wall

Skidrow East (F2)

  • Inhabited by many pirates and some Pit Bulls
  • Donnie the merchant can be found here playing a game with some girls

Skidrow West (E2)

Shop (E3)

  • Some pirates can be found in the area
  • D' Flinger can be found in the basement
  • Manhole leads to the Thrasher's Lair
  • There are two Agility checks (8 effective on the western side and the 9 effective on the eastern side) which allow to climb up and down the upper floor of the prison

Thrasher's Lair

  • Thrasher, a unique giant hermit crab hides in a large trash can

Map Gallery

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