Dude's House - Upper Underrail

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Dude's House - Upper UnderrailUncontrolled zone

Dude's old laboratory
Location information
Music Skyless World
Located in Upper Underrail
Areas Dude's Upper Underrail Home
Connections None
NPCs Mutant
Hunchback Mutant
Map file(s) Xpbl up dh

Second house to explore in Dude's other quest. An abandoned laboratory where Dude worked while he was living in Upper Underrail, before he abandoned because of Mutants crashin in after an earthquake.


Abandoned facility that must be explored, as part of Dudes Vision. Because of your drinking with Dude Heavy Intoxication will reduce all your base attributes by 2 for your stay in this area.

Locked room

Mutants on the room with the electronic lock must be defeated in order to progress, solving the console puzzle will fill the room with Cryogas, freezing the mutants and aiding in their disposal, this is however optional.

Console Puzzle

There are three sequences of numbers hidden in the trash can, chemical station and power box: 67 33 82, 79 55 11 and 76 89 25. The console has options each with 3 numbers separated by jumbles of letters.


The solution to the puzzle is to sum the 3 numbers in the console options. The correct options in the console will have the same total as the 2 digit number in the clue. For example 67 33 82 requires entering in the option that equals 67 (23+31+13) followed by the option that equals 33 followed by the option that equals 82. Correct options are 6,4,2 then 8,5,3 then 8,6,6

After the Mutants have been disposed off, talk to dude to proceed with the Quest. The locker on room will contain a Doctor's Coat, a Morphine vial and a Groin Guard.

As with Dude's old home in Core City, this area can't be returned to after exiting it, so be sure not to leave any items on containers or the floor.